My friends would be great if they weren’t dipshits

Me and couples 1, 2, and 3 are trying to plan going to see Guardians of the Galaxy this weekend:

Couple 1: suggests that we should go, but states they have no idea when.

Me: Friday, late, theater that is most centrally located.

Couple 1: now wants to go Saturday.

Couple 2: can’t do Saturday, not sure about Friday.

Couple 3: wants to do it Friday but where they live (adds hour and a half to my trip, half hour to couple 1’s trip, two hours to couple 2’s, any attempt at carpooling would significantly add to the trip, saves couple 3 two hours, which is all they care about, even though it adds 4 hours to everyone else’s).

Couple 1: Now could possibly do Friday.

Discussion stops. We’re either not going to make a decision, or make a stupid-ass one.